Rock Painting Supplies

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For our friends in the United States

Rock painting supplies available & ready to ship in the United States. We've tried many products and have found that some combinations of products work better than others (for example, paint pens + sealer). These are our recommendations!

Paint brushes

A variety of brush tips from basecoating your rock to painting fine details.

Dotting tools

These were created for nail art, but work wonders when creating mandala painted rocks!

Posca paint pens (extra fine point)

Posca Paint Marker Pen - Extra Fine Point (1M), perfect for writing words.

DuraClear gloss varnish

OUR TOP PICK! Can be used indoors (no smelly fumes), dries quickly & provides a nice shine. One 8oz bottle seals nearly 1,000 rocks.

TOOLI-ART pens (extra fine tip)

This set includes 18 pens in vivid colors that are ideal for outlining or drawing fine details.

Disposable vinyl gloves

Latex free disposable gloves keep your hands clean while sealing rocks.

Cooling racks

Use these stackable racks during the sealing process.

Turntable for paint bottles

(For those in the US) This 18" turntable holds up to 50 paint bottles! Spin the tray and easily find any color.

Vinyl sticker

Add this vinyl sticker to your favorite water bottle, turn it into a magnet or frame it for your rock painting station.

Apple Barrel acrylic paint

This 18-piece kit includes every color needed to blend any color imaginable!

How to Draw book

Step-by-step tutorials for how to draw everything from faces, to animals, vehicles and other fun objects.

FolkArt ColorShift paint

Add some depth to your rock art. Best used as a top coat to add shimmer to your design. Or, experiment with acrylic pours!

Minwax Polycrylic (gloss)

Tip: use disposable gloves when applying this brush-on sealer as it doesn't easily wash hands clean with soap/water.

High gloss resin

Resin is a waterproof sealer that results in a high gloss shine. IMPORTANT: use in a well-ventilated area.

Micron 0.5mm ink pen black

Ideal for micro thin outlines. Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to prevent a final sealer from smearing the ink.

For our friends in the UK

Rock painting supplies available in the United Kingdom.

totalCAST Clear Art Resin

This resin can be applied by pouring, brush or roller to give your rocks a high gloss finish.

UV Nail Lamp

(For those in the UK) Shorten the drying time of your rocks by placing beneath this UV nail dryer lamp (not just for nails!)

Acrylic paint pens

18 vibrant colors with a fine tip, perfect for writing words or thin outlines for your designs

10-piece paint brush set

(for our friends in the UK) This brush set includes 10 brushes with a variety of sizes and shapes.

12-pack 120ml acrylic paint

This 12-pack of Royal & Langnickel acrylic paint includes 120ml tubes in vibrant colors for solid coverage for your rocks.

Disposable gloves

These latex-free disposable gloves make the process of sealing your rocks less messy.

For our friends in Canada

Rock painting supplies available to ship throughout Canada.

10-piece paint brush set

Ten nylon paint brushes in a variety of sizes & shapes. Bonus: includes 2 paint palettes!

Artistro acrylic paint pens

These extra fine tip paint pens are ideal for drawing fine lines or writing words on your rocks.

Acrylic paint set

This set includes 24 tubes of acrylic paint in vibrant colors. Bonus: also includes 6 nylon paint brushes!

Vinyl sticker

Add this vinyl sticker to your favorite water bottle, turn it into a magnet or frame it for your rock painting station. Free shipping!

Clear gloss varnish

This clear varnish creates a waterproof seal and gives your rocks a glossy finish. Non-yellowing and UV protection.

Latex-free disposable gloves

These disposable gloves are ideal for making the process of sealing your rocks less messy.

18" turntable organizer

This non-skid revolving turntable is a great way to store paint supplies!

How to Draw Animals book

Paint cute animals on your rocks with this easy to follow step-by-step instruction for over 100 animals.

Mandala dotting tools

This 19-piece set is perfect if you're wanting to try mandala painted rocks.

For our friends in Australia

Rock painting supplies available in Australia.

10-piece paint brush set

This set includes 10 brushes in a variety of tips ideal for adding a base color to your rock or painting fine details.

How to Pour Paint book

(For those in Australia) This book teaches the technique of acrylic pouring, a popular technique used on painted rocks.

Acrylic paint set

This set includes 15 12mL tubes in vibrant colors that dry quickly on rocks.

DuraClear high gloss varnish

This sealer provides a waterproof glossy finish to your painted rocks. No smelly fumes. Can be used indoors.

Disposable gloves

These disposable gloves keep your hands clean while painting or sealing your rocks.

How to Draw book

(for our friends in Australia) Nevermind the book title says "for kids"! This book is perfect for any age. It shows step-by-step instruction for drawing fun designs.

Acrylic paint pens

This set comes with 15 paint pens in vinbrant colors. The ultra fine tip is ideal for thin outlines and writing words.

Vinyl sticker

Free shipping! Add this vinyl sticker to your favorite water bottle, turn it into a magnet or frame it for your rock painting station.


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