Paint rocks and GoRock will donate to Oceana

This month, our community of rock painters will be painting rocks toward a donation to the charity, Oceana.

make a donation to Oceana

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Why we chose this charity

After a recent story about a dead whale washing ashore with 88 pounds (40 kilograms) of plastic bags in its stomach, we wanted to bring awareness to ocean conservation. When GoRock co-founder Michele's own daughter made the comment "plastic bags don't belong in trees" after seeing trash on the side of the road, GoRock wanted to help make a difference. 

Reduce your use of single-use plastic 

There are simple things we can do each day such as bring a reusable tote when shopping. For larger awareness efforts and measurable campaigns, we sought out an organization that's working to protect and restore our oceans.

A reusable tote bag avoids the need for a single-use plastic bag

About the charity: Oceana

According to Oceana's website, humans have already altered or destroyed marine ecosystems and driven million-year-old species to the brink of extinction. We have done this by:

  • TAKING TOO MANY FISH OUT OF THE WATER. Overfishing threatens ocean ecosystems and our livelihoods.

  • POLLUTING OUR OCEANS. Mercury, antibiotics, oil, and climate-changing gasses threaten marine wildlife, habitat, and human health.

  • SQUANDERING POTENTIAL SOURCES OF FOOD. Seafood has the potential to sustainably feed millions of hungry people.

  • TRASHING MARINE WILDLIFE AND SPECIAL PLACES. Destructive and wasteful fishing practices threaten animals and damage the seafloor.

Learn more about Oceana.

make a donation to Oceana


GoRock is a global community of rock painters. We paint rocks, place them out to be found, and then watch as they spread kindness and happiness to those that find them. was started by a family in Cleveland, Ohio who loves painting rocks. They knew their rocks were out there spreading kindness and were curious where their rocks traveled. They created as a way to visualize all the kindness by showing on a map where painted rocks travel and providing a way for rock finders to share their photos and stories about how finding a painted rock made them smile.

GoRock serves as a champion for spreading kindness and paying it forward.