Paying it forward, one painted rock at a time

People paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness, to unexpectedly brighten someone else's day. We at saw all this goodness and wanted to find a way to spread even more kindness into this world, so we came up with Rock It Forward.

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What is Rock It Forward?

Rock It Forward  is a way rock painters in our GoRock community can help pay it forward with their painted rocks. If you're not yet part of our GoRock community, join today (it's free!). 

When a member logs into and visits their Dashboard, they'll see a goal meter.

This meter represents rocks being painted with GoRock (rocks that have a unique ID). Once our goal of painted rocks has been met, GoRock will then make a $25 donation to a cause/charity our GoRock community votes for. Then, the goal meter will be reset.

Each time a new goal is met, GoRock will make a donation. 

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How can I vote for which charity GoRock makes a donation?

To vote, stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for details. Members will also receive an email each time we're ready to make another donation.

How can I get involved?

If you're a GoRock member and painting rocks, simply do what you've been doing! For every rock that you paint and get a GoRock ID, you're contributing toward the goal. 

If you're not yet part of our GoRock community, join today (it's free!). 

Can I pay it forward too?

Absolutely! Each time GoRock is ready to make a donation, we'll send an email to our GoRock members providing an opportunity for them to also make a donation.

Become a member of our GoRock community.

I found a GoRock rock. May I participate?

Definitely! There are a few ways you can pay it forward.

  • Join us and make a donation to this month's chosen cause
  • Continue the journey of the rock you've found. Travel with it, or simply place in your community — that rock is on a journey to spread kindness, so help keep it going! 

The Fine Print

Only rocks with a GoRock ID will count toward the goal. No funny business. Refer to our Terms of Use and let's have fun with this (we're trying to spread kindness into this world!) 

GoRock reserves the right to discontinue the Rock It Forward program at any time and for any reason.