A new way to experience painted rocks

GoRock.com is the easiest and best way to track the continuous journey of a painted rock on a map. With GoRock, see where your rock travels and read the stories of those who have found it along the way.

How it Works

Paint your rock like you normally would. Then, when it comes time to write or add a label to the back of your rock, come to GoRock.com to get a unique ID.


Once your rock is found, the finder will enter that simple code and you'll be notified your rock was found. The map will be updated and you can watch it travel!


Rock finders also love it because now they get to experience the rock's journey as well.

Know when and where your rocks have been found

Your painted rock will travel, and with GoRock's unique ID we can show you where it’s been!

Get notified

We'll let you know as soon as your rock is found.

All your rocks - together

Looking for an easy way to see all the rocks you have painted? GoRock does that - it's like a virtual Trapper Keeper for all of your rocks!

Be a storyteller

Read the stories of those who find your rock - a simple painted rock can make us feel connected and spread happiness! 

Go ahead - share your art!

We get it - you're proud of your painted rocks and excited about how far they're traveling.

Ready to paint rocks?

Your rock’s journey begins at GoRock.com!

Get Started!

You can get started at GoRock.com for free.

Really love painting rocks? For less than 85¢ a month you can track as many rocks as you'd like.