About Us

How GoRock.com started


It all started with this painted rock. It's the painted rock that introduced our family to the idea of rock painting. While on a bike ride, co-founder Michele and her daughter came across this painted rock. Michele's daughter, six at the time, ran over to the rock and was excited to re-hide it. "Re-hide it?", Michele asked. Michele's daughter explained that just how the rock made us smile when we found it, we were to re-hide it so it could make others smile, too. Michele's daughter wanted to hide it at her school's Buddy Bench on the playground, a bench students might sit at if they didn't have anyone to play with at recess. 

Like many rock finders do, our family requested to join a local rock painting group on Facebook so that we could post that we found this rock. The rock painter was thrilled to learn their rock had been found. And, we were excited to re-hide the rock for someone else to find.

We'd find painted rocks — around town and as our family traveled on vacation. We followed instructions on the back of the rocks and requested access to join different local rock painting groups on Facebook so we could post that we found the rock. The process felt a little tedious, but we did it because — as fellow rock painters — we understood the excitement of knowing a rock had been found.

As our family continued to paint and hide rocks, very few of our rocks were being posted as found in our local group on Facebook. As many rock painters do, we paint rocks as a random act of kindness — to unexpectedly put a smile on someone's face. But, our family was also curious to know where our rocks were traveling. We realized there were rock painters all over the world painting rocks as a random act of kindness and that all these smiles were being spread by way of a painted rock. It would be cool to be able to visualize all this kindness...

As a stay-at-home mom who recently stepped away from a career in technology to spend more time with the family's children, GoRock co-founder — Michele — had an idea.

She could leverage her background in technology to create a website that would:

  • notify the rock painter to let them know their rock had been found
  • allow for rock painters to be able to see on a map where their painted rocks were traveling
  • make it easy for the rock finder to post that they found a rock (not everyone is on Facebook, so GoRock.com being a website that can be accessed by phone or computer, and doesn't require the rock finder to join, makes it super easy to post)
  • make it fun for the rock finder (did you know, they also get to see the map, and see messages like "you're the 4th person to find this rock!")
  • visualize all the kindness being spread with painted rocks
  • pay it forward, one painted rock at a time

And, thus, GoRock.com was created.

A small, but mighty team

Co-founder, Michele, worked to assemble a team (only about 5 people!) to design and program a website. It was important to support a local business, so this team is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio — right in Michele's hometown.

There's actually a fair amount of technology, services (and, that aforementioned team) that power GoRock.com — the ability to see on a map where your painted rocks travel, the emails you receive that let you know your rock has been found, the blog with tips and tutorials and the people who keep the website up and running and provide customer support. Support GoRock's mission.

GoRock.com LLC was started in 2018 to evolve the experience of painting and hiding rocks. Today, GoRock is a global community with members from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. 

Our mission

Our goal is to deliver an experience that is engaging, personal, fun and helps visualize all the kindness being spread by painted rocks. We spent time making sure we were addressing concerns we heard from some in the rock painting community and bringing our own unique flair to the activity.

We want to support an already thriving community of individuals and groups of people expressing themselves and bringing happiness to those around them. GoRock.com simply elevates the rock painting experience for both the rock painters and those finding our rocks. Support GoRock's mission.

Go paint. Go hide. Go find. GoRock!