Where to hide painted rocks

Painting rocks and placing them for someone else to find is an awesome random act of kindness. After you paint a rock, it’s up to you where you hide it.

While there aren’t necessarily rules around hiding your painted rock, we suggest using common sense and following some general guidelines.

Remember, the whole point is for someone to find your rock and see where your rock travels, so places like on a park bench, on a picnic table at the playground or on the ledge outside your favorite store or library are fun spots. And, when you’re packing for vacation or for a road trip, toss a few rocks in your bag to see where they travel!


  • Keep others’ safety in mind (humans & critters!)
  • As fun as it might sound to prop your rock in the limb of a tree, a critter might mistake it for food and it might fall and hurt someone below.
  • Think about the person finding your rock. Don’t put them in a dangerous situation to retrieve your rock. That’s the opposite of passing along a smile!
  • When it comes to hiding rocks, make sure to adhere to local property rules and laws. For example, many zoos, museums, theme parks, hospitals and national parks prohibit rocks being hidden on their premises. Have fun hiding rocks, but be respectful.

Fun places to hide rocks

  • On a bench at a playground
  • Outside of your favorite store or restaurant
  • At the library (though, check first if they’re okay with you hiding inside)
  • At the entrance of a rest stop – think of all the places people might be traveling to and where your rock might end up!

Places you should avoid hiding rocks

  • In the grass. This can pose a danger if a lawn mower runs over the rock.
  • Inside of a store. Every store is different, but some stores have asked that painted rocks not be placed inside the store. On a security camera, it’s difficult to determine if someone is taking merchandise or picking up a painted rock. Also, painted rocks placed on or near food can be considered a contaminant.
  • Inside of a hospital – certainly placing a rock outside of the entrance will brighten someone’s day, but many hospitals have asked that painted rocks not be hidden inside.
  • Some amusement parks have asked that painted rocks not be brought inside of the park.
  • State and National parks. People visit these parks to experience nature, untouched. #LeaveNoTrace More info about this topic.

Have a fun place you’ve placed a rock? Share below! ⬇️

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