Where to get rocks for rock painting

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Sometimes you're fortunate enough to have access to rocks right in your own backyard. If that's the case, then what are you doing reading this!? Head outside, gather some rocks and get painting!

If you don't have easy access to rocks, here are some ideas of where you can get some.

Great places to get rocks for painting

  • your backyard!
  • landscape supply company (tell them you paint and hide kindness rocks and they'll usually let you fill a bucket for a few dollars)

    ➡️ Tip
    : To find rocks in your area, search the web for "landscape supply <insert your city>" and give them a call! See our video for more tips!
  • big box home improvement store (usually sold by the bag)
  • online (we like these because they're smooth and make it easy to paint/draw)
  • craft store (read how to remove the waxy layer)

Not-so-great places to find rocks to paint

  • railroad tracks (Did you know? It's illegal and dangerous to remove rocks on a railroad track. They serve a specific purpose and should never be removed)
  • national and state parks (enjoy all the beauty of untouched nature in these parks, but please, leave no trace)
  • beaches (Did you know? In some places, removing rocks from beaches is illegal. Stones along the beach help prevent coastal erosion.)
  • rivers and creeks (Did you know? Rocks near riverbeds are used by some animals as protection and to nest under.)
  • public or private property


After you get your rocks, follow their journey!

Your painted rocks are out there spreading joy as they travel.

  • See on a map where they travel
  • Be notified when they're found
  • Paint rocks with GoRock.com and your rocks will lead to donations to charity
  • Easily see all your rocks in one place
  • Chat with others in this forum for rock painters

Have other tips for where to get rocks? Share below!


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13 thoughts on “Where to get rocks for rock painting”

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  2. Years ago we had a big aquarium, with lovely smooth, brown, black and grey striped rocks, bought at a big box type of pet store. We saved them in the garden. Aquarium supply stores could be a place to find some! Again, be bold and ask if they have any broken bags or loose ones for “kindness” purposes!

  3. my local landscape company knows I paint rocks but still charges me the going rate of 45 cents a pound. The rocks can get expensive if I pick bigger ones.

    1. Sharon, it’s worth calling around to different landscape companies. Once we told ours why we were using the rocks, they were happy to allow us to handpick rocks and fill a 5-gal bucket for a few dollars. Our last haul yielded about 150 nice-sized rocks.

  4. Wow… I just found a great landscaping company.. and I paid $1.13 for 44 pounds!!!!! Almost a 5 gal bucket. They were so nice and let me pick my own rocks. I’m so happy I found this place. Keep checking around.

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