Valentine’s messages of love

Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day is a day to let loved ones know how much they’re appreciated and loved. Sometimes it’s done with a simple message of “I love you” or a gift of chocolates or flowers. Our members painted fun rocks in celebration of this day of love.

Thank you to members Nyle and Runaway Rach for all the minion love!

And, look at all these beautiful flowers!

Hearts are the universal symbol of Valentine’s Day and our members were so creative with these hearts.

Above all, a nice reminder that “love is love”.

Welcome new members!

This week’s new GoRock members are from all over the world – the United States (Washington, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and California) the Netherlands, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. We are enjoying the rock creations you’ve added to and can’t wait to see where they will travel!

Rock spotlight

No wonder this cat is happy – it’s been on quite the journey. See all the fun places it has visited!

Rock finder stories

Your rocks are out there making others smile – just look at these happy messages from the rock finders!

“My first ever painted rock find! Made my day!”

“I found this rock on a bench! Wow!”

“Beautiful owl rock! She made me smile. Definitely one of the prettiest one I’ve found so far.” 

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