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Ever paint a rock, place it, go back to see if it’s still there and see that it’s been picked up, but never hear from the rock again? You’re not alone – many rock painters are curious where their painted rocks end up. Sure, we paint rocks as a random act of kindness and to help brighten someone’s day. But, our painted rocks are out there traveling and it’s only natural to wonder where they end up.

That’s where GoRock comes in. GoRock provides a way to be able to see on a map where painted rocks travel. And, you’ll get a notification each time one of your rocks is found. Rock finders also have the ability to see on a map where that rock has traveled, and they can leave a message about finding the rock. GoRock has really elevated the rock painting experience!

How GoRock Works
Tracking your painted rocks is simple.
STEP 1: Sign up at
STEP 2: Get an ID for your painted rock (log in first)
STEP 3: Add the ID to your rock, then hide anywhere.
Tip: Hand write the ID on the back of your rock with something like “Visit and enter this ID: XXXXXXX, then re-hide”. Or, use a label – GoRock even provides labels – clicking this link will download a .doc file.
STEP 4: GoRock will let you know when your rock has been found – follow the link in the email to see where it has traveled!

Get an ID for your painted rock. The rock finder will enter this ID at and you’ll be notified that your rock has been found.

Rock painting is a fun hobby that provides a creative outlet and relaxing fun for all ages and skill levels.

Join GoRock today and see why hundreds of rock painters are using it to track their painted rocks!

And, don’t just take it from us – hear what others have to say about GoRock.

More about how GoRock works

See your painted rocks on a map
Your painted rocks are out there traveling and with GoRock, you can see where your rocks are spreading happiness and smiles.

And, not only do you, the rock painter, get to see this map – the rock finder also gets to see it. The rock finder is a big part of the rock’s journey, so being able to visualize that leg of the rock’s journey is another way we’re helping to put a smile on someone’s face.

Get notified when your rock is found
We realize you’re curious if your painted rock was ever picked up. That’s why, every time one of your painted rocks has been logged by the finder as found, we’ll let you know! Simply open that email to see the map and to read any notes the rock finder has left for you about their experience finding your rock.

Hide your painted rock, then GoRock will let you know when it has been found and will show on a map where it has traveled.

See all your painted rocks in one place
We get it. You’ve spent time painting a rock, only to place it and worry you may not see it again. So, you snap a quick photo of it to help you remember that rock. We also understand that you’re proud of what you have just created and may want to share with friends and family. That’s why we make it easy for you to see all of your painted rocks in one simple place – on your profile at 

Browse your profile to see all of your painted rocks. Check the yellow indicator next to each rock to see how many times that rock has been found. And, browse other rock painter’s profiles to see where their rocks have traveled and to be inspired by their designs.

The yellow indicator shows how many times a rock has been found

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    1. Hi Elaine, if you visit and enter the ID from the rock, you’ll be able to see on a map where that rock has traveled before you found it.

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