Honoring a loved one with a painted rock

A gift tree and painted rock are thoughtful ways to remember a loved one

Celebrating life with a painted rock

When we set out to create GoRock.com, our mission was to visualize all the kindness being spread by way of painted rocks. And, with a global community of rock painters setting rocks in their communities to be found as a random act of kindness, we’re hearing heartwarming stories from rock finders about the impact of finding one of our members’ painted rocks.

What we hadn’t anticipated was how many people would use GoRock as a way to remember a loved one, by way of painted rocks. We hear from members that the act of painting the rock is therapeutic as they grieve. And, knowing their rock will be traveling brings comfort and the thought that their loved one’s spirit is carried on.


Perhaps you’ve seen this symbol — on jewelry, on artwork, on a painted rock. This symbol is referred to as the tree of life.

This tree of life is a meaningful symbol across cultures because of what it represents — everything from the start of a fresh new life to the continuation of life through generations. Because of its meaning, it makes for a popular design for those who paint rocks.

This tree of life painted rock is traveling throughout Northeast Ohio spreading kindness.

And, of course, trees provide more than just beautiful scenery. The many health benefits of trees make them vital to our environment.

Planting memories that will live on

In the same way members of GoRock have used painted rocks as a way to remember a loved one and carry on their spirit, trees can provide that same remembrance. Planting a memorial gift tree is a thoughtful way of honoring the life of a loved one or celebrating a life event such as a birthday, anniversary, new birth or graduation.

A planted tree makes a thoughtful memorial gift

A handmade seed paper card from The Gifted Tree is a thoughtful way to announce the planting of a gift tree. And the card, which contains wildflower seeds, can actually be planted.

The Gifted Tree is providing a way for you to create a memorable experience that is not only a powerful gift, but also helps our environment. While a tree can be planted anywhere, The Gifted Tree has identified planting locations around the world that can most benefit from the planting of trees – areas impacted by devastating fires and areas needing help to reforest.

The Gifted Tree plants a tree as a memorial gift

The Gifted Tree plants gift trees in 22 locations across 18 countries on five continents.

Just as painted rocks provide a lasting way to celebrate one’s life, a gift tree is thoughtful and impactful. Next time you’re thinking about a way to remember a loved one or celebrate a life event, consider planting a tree in honor of that person (or, pet).


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