Spring Break “staycation” ideas

Home for Spring Break and looking for ways to enjoy some quality family time without breaking the bank? Be a tourist in your own hometown and head out to explore. Or, take a look around your own house to find items for a craft, or blankets and pillows for a fort.

10 ideas for a fun Staycation!

1. Lend your child a camera and go on a photo hunt around your yard or town. It's fun to see familiar surroundings from their perspective.

2. Give each of your kids a few bucks, hit up a local library book sale and let them pick out some books. They get some fresh reading material and it helps out your local library - a win-win!

3. Go on a nature scavenger hunt around your yard or a nearby park. Nothing fancy - simply jot down some items for the kids to find and let them on their way. Ideas can include: bird's nest, roundest rock, smoothest tree bark, three varieties of a leaf, pine cone. Be creative!

Alternate scavenger hunt: Try a scavenger hunt at an art museum*. Use our printable scavenger hunt clue list to make a visit to the art museum more engaging for kids. They'll read object labels to learn more about the artwork and artist and have fun exploring the museum.

*Have fun with it, but still be mindful of your surroundings. It's not a race, but simply a way to make a visit to the art museum more engaging. Museum rules still apply - don't run and, please, don't touch the art.

Staycation ideas for Spring Break for summer vacation

4. Gather pillows, blankets and chairs and construct a good 'ol fashioned fort and watch a movie. Psst - the library is a fantastic place to stock up on some movies (for FREE!)

5. PAINT ROCKS! Get some rocks from a local garden center (or, from around your yard) and paint them. Then, visit GoRock.com for a unique ID to add to your rock. That way, the kids will know when their rock is found and be able to see on a map where it travels next! Consider the geography lesson a bonus.🌎 Learn more about how to track your painted rocks with GoRock.

6. Make some upcycle crafts. Find items around the house that would otherwise be trash and turn them into new treasures! Transform an old oatmeal canister into a pencil holder or storage for headbands. Glue figurines to the lid of a glass jar to make a fun storage container for desk supplies. Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas!

An oatmeal canister covered in scrap fabric transforms into a headband holder!

7. Visit a playground and get out some wiggles! On your way out, make an effort to pick up any trash you may see (be sensible about what you pick up, and make sure to wash your hands!)

8. Think of a random act of kindness and set out as a family to brighten someone else's day - can be as simple as writing a note and leaving in a neighbor's mailbox or dropping off old towels/blankets at an area animal shelter.

9. It's Spring - plant something! Throw some potting soil in an egg carton, plant some seeds, then watch them grow. Bonus: if you plant in a paperboard egg carton, you can transfer outside when seedlings are ready and just plant directly into the ground!

10. Have a Spring cleaning day. Set boxes outside bedrooms labeled "Donate", "Sell" and "Trash" and have the kids go through their rooms and place items in the boxes. It may not be the most exciting activity, but it helps clear any clutter. And, feel good knowing items can be passed along to others who may need them (and, maybe even make a few bucks from items that can be sold).

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