Trying silhouette designs on painted rocks

Inspired by our members

We’re continually inspired by the kindness and creativity of our fellow rock painters. 

One of our members, Nyle, paints beautiful silhouette designs. She lives in Australia, so a lot of her designs reflect the wildlife and scenery of the country. We were inspired to give it a try and look forward to trying some more.

⬇️Comment below if you’d be interested in seeing a tutorial video and we’ll make a Silhouette Painted Rocks how-to video!

These are the designs we tried. Next time, we’d like to try some different colors like blues or purples.

Take a look at all the designs our members are painting – these are some creative painted rocks!

A most special kind of rock find

Finding a painted rock is exciting. And, with, there’s the added fun when you can see on a map where that painted rock has traveled. A GoRock member recently had their painted rock found. However, they were the ones who found the most special rock of all. Check out the story below.

We know our GoRock members already have kindness in their hearts, by taking time to paint rocks for others to find. Take a moment to read this story from the finder of one of our member’s rocks – it’s truly heartwarming.

“I found my rock at a lovely lady’s house. Glennis who paints them. The beautiful part of this story is she found my rock a week earlier, my lost diamond engagement ring at the local jetty and handed it into the police. I am forever grateful to her. I would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday for today and best wishes for the future. It was lovely to have met you. Kindest regards Brenda”

Featured member rocks

As we do every Friday, we’re featuring rocks from our GoRock members. Be inspired and paint some of your own rocks!

Once again, we have so many new rocks that have been painted and added to – too many to individually feature here. Here are some of our favorites! (See them all here).

Welcome new members

This week’s new GoRock members are from all over the world – the United States (Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, New York, Kentucky, Washington and California), Canada, the United Kingdom, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. We are enjoying the rock creations you’ve added to and can’t wait to see where they will travel!

Rock spotlight

This stag just traveled from Australia all the way to the state of Ohio in the United States!

Where will it travel to next??

“We might hide it somewhere special and it made me feel in a Christmas mood because it’s a reindeer rock” – rock finder

This painted rock turned a frown upside down – love hearing stories of painted rocks making others smile.

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