Rock painting tutorial: happy notes

Looking for a quick rock design that’ll be sure to make someone smile? Happy notes are great for several reasons:

  • They’re a relatively simple design if you’re just getting started with rock painting
  • The design lends well if you have a lot of flat rocks
  • Create many notes with different positive or inspirational messages

Step 1: Prime your rock with white paint
Step 2: Use red paint or paint pens (we like these) to create a line down the left side of the rock
Step 3: Using a fine-tipped brush or a paint pen, draw light blue lines across the rock
Step 4: Use a black paint pen to write a friendly or inspirational message!


#TutorialThursday How to paint "happy notes". Step 1: paint a flat rock whiteStep 2: draw blue lines acrossStep 3: draw a red line up & downStep: write your messageBe creative! And, get an ID from to see on a map where your "happy note" rocks travel and get a notification when they're found.#paintedrocks #paintedrockideas #rockpaintingideas #rockstravel #rockpainting #stonepainting #pebbleart #pebblepainting #paintedrocksofinstagram #familytravels #familytravel #familyfun #GoRock #GoRockFun

Posted by GoRockFun on Thursday, July 12, 2018


Have you tried a happy note? Inspire other rock painters and share your creation, or comment below!

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