The ultimate rock painting supplies checklist

Supplies to get started with rock painting

You want to get started painting rocks, but not sure about what rock painting supplies you'll need. We've got you covered!

Rock painting is a fun and relaxing hobby that anyone (with any ability) can do. It provides a creative outlet that kids through senior adults enjoy. Plus, placing rocks for others to find is an act of kindness that just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. But, how do you get started? We've put together a checklist to make shopping for supplies easy.

Part of the fun is experimenting with different products and techniques. That said, there are so many products and some work better than others. We've tried a lot (A LOT!) of products and noticed some were easy to use when painting, but didn't hold up as well in the weather. Here are our recommendations:

Rock painting supplies checklist

It all starts with a rock. And, believe it or not, there are some great places to find rocks for painting, and some places you should avoid. We've dedicated an entire article on where to get rocks for painting.

☐ Rocks (we like these smooth river stones)
☐ Acrylic paint (this 18-piece set includes every color!)☐ Brushes (50 brushes in a variety of bristles and widths)

There are many options for paint pens. We tested several popular brands and review which paint pens are best for rock painting.

Posca extra fine tip paint pen (for outlining and extreme detail)
Posca medium top paint pen (for drawing)

☐ Dotting tools (great if you want to try mandalas)
☐ Decoupage medium, like Modge Podge (perfect for adding labels)
☐ Acrylic varnish sealant (help your rock weather the outdoor elements)
☐ Cooling racks (nice place to lay rocks to dry)
☐ Labels (if you want to track rocks)

Avoid these on your painted rocks

Supplies we're not really a fan of are gemstones, googly eyes, feather hair and other items glued to rocks. These items may become loose from rocks and can pose a dangerous threat to wildlife that may confuse these items as food. However, these items are super fun if you're keeping your rock indoors!

Items glued to painted rocks may become litter


Paint rocks, then track their journey!

Of course we paint rocks as an act of kindness. But, our painted rocks are out there making others smile and we understand being curious about where they travel. is a free website that makes it super easy for a rock finder to post a rock. Not everyone is on Facebook, which can be a reason not all rocks get posted as found. With GoRock, members report seeing up to 50% of rocks posted as found.

Get an ID to tag your rock and follow its journey

Paint your rock like you normally would. Then, when it comes time to write or add a label to the back of your rock, get an ID from

It's fun to see where painted rocks travel, like this wise old owl! 🦉

How to label your painted rock

We'll let you know when your rock is found

Join — a global rock painting community — and follow the journey of your painted rocks. When someone finds your painted rock, they simply visit and enter the ID from your rock. This triggers a notification, letting the rock painter know their rock has been found. No more wondering if your rock was ever found — know the moment it's been found!

See where your painted rocks travel and spread kindness

Your painted rocks are on a journey spreading happiness and with, you'll see on a map where (and, how far) they have traveled.

Not only do you — the rock painter — get to see this map, the rock finder also sees this map. The rock finder also gets to see fun messages like "you're the 4th person to find this rock!".

Plus, the stories left by rock finders are just heartwarming and fun.

Rocks painted with GoRock lead to donations to charity

People paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness, to unexpectedly brighten someone else's day. GoRock saw all this goodness and wanted to find a way to spread even more kindness into this world.

Rock painters simply paint rocks with GoRock by getting an ID from Every time the GoRock community reaches the painting goal, GoRock makes a donation to charity. Learn more about the Rock It Forward program.

Your painted rocks lead to donations to charity. Paint rocks with and when the rock painting community reaches a goal, GoRock will make a donation to a charity voted on by our community.



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