Wacky Wordplay: rock painting fill-in-the-blank story

Inspired by Mad Libs®, this is our take on the classic wordplay fill-in-the-blank story game.

We call it Wacky Wordplay!

The Plot: the absentminded rock painter

This particular story is one many of us can relate with — constantly thinking about our rock painting hobby. Written from the perspective of a kid, it tells the story of a child's crazy rock painting mom.

If you read the story and it sounds like an 8-year old wrote it, that's because our very own daughter wrote this one! 👧


How to Play

Print the story template and fill in the blanks with the whackiest words you can think of to help this story come to life — the more farfetched, the better! Or, copy/paste the story below and fill in with your wacky story.

Take a photo of your completed story and share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We'll feature the funniest, most creative ones.

Psst, we've got rock painters of all ages in our community, so let's keep things PG. 😊

Copy/paste the story and fill in with your wacky story!

I always knew my mom liked to paint rocks, but this is getting out of control! Her mind is always somewhere else. Yesterday, for dinner, instead of adding noodles to the pot of boiling water, she added _____________ (OBJECT)!  And, she threw __________ (NOUN) and ___________ (NOUN) into the laundry basket instead of dirty clothes. She even took over my room to paint rocks and now I have to sleep in ___________ (A ROOM)! For lunch, she made me the weirdest sandwich. It had __________ (FOOD), __________ (FOOD) and _________ (FOOD). DISGUSTING!!! I went to put my plate in the dishwasher and saw that she had loaded it up with  ___________ (PLURAL NOUN). She even went to take a drink of her  _________ (BEVERAGE), but it was paint brush water. BLEH!


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