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In our continuing series, Why I Rock, we (virtually) sit down with GoRock.com member, Moira, to learn about how she got started with painting rocks, her favorite designs to paint and what music she listens to while painting her creations.

GoRock.com: What's your GoRock.com member name?

Moira: Italianchik


GoRock.com: GoRock is a global community. From what part of the world are you painting rocks?

Moira: Currently, I am living/working and painting rocks in Monterey County California, but I started painting rocks in Southern Spain where I lived and worked.

GoRock.com: How did you hear about the kindness rocks movement and get started with rock painting?

Moira: I had some painted rocks at work that I brought in and put on display in my office.  I had a larger one holding the door open.  A colleague of mine asked about them and I told her I loved painting rocks.  She then told me she was going to start.

A couple months later she told me about GoRock.com and so I looked into it and thought it would be a meaningful thing to do.  I love giving them as gifts and didn't want to sell them and as a world traveler I thought I could take a few on each trip and watch them travel.  So fun of an idea, so I signed up.


GoRock.com: When you're not painting rocks, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Moira: I love to workout and look for seaglass along with walking on the beach and traveling.

I also love expanding on my cooking recipes and trying new plant based foods.

GoRock.com: Do you have a favorite design you like to paint, or technique you like to use?

Moira: I love to paint owls and have designed one especially to represent the Army, in support of our troops.  I also like mandala art and the use of dots in making a variety of lovely designs.  But, in general I just like a variety and will try anything.

GoRock.com featured artist, Moira T, likes to paint owls on her painted rocks

GoRock.com: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Moira: From nature and things I see in life.  I like words that are meaningful and inspiring and will lift up people's spirit when they find them and make them SMILE!  That is what makes me happy.

GoRock.com: What's one of your favorite rocks on GoRock.com? This can either be based on the design of the rock, the story shared by a rock finder or where it has traveled.

Moira: I like the Black California rock which one of my staff members took to Indianapolis to a course and she left it at the park.  It was picked up by another Army colleague who took it to San Antonio.  From here it will travel probably with another Army person, military or civilian, to another location and so on.  I'm glad I put a smile on someone's face!


GoRock.com: Do you have a tip you'd like to share for other rock painters? For example, did you have a painting mishap that you learned from and can pass along a nugget of wisdom to someone just starting out?

Moira: When I first started painting, I didn't know how to do the dot mandala technique and my designs looked like a 5-year old made them.  I looked on YouTube and Pinterest at a few tutorials and then tried it.  I had to completely paint over a few, but that's the best part — if you do not like it you can re-paint over it and start over again.  I then started to try to blend colors and try different things.  I am not an expert, but I enjoy this and it relieves work stress.  So, just relax, take your time, get some ideas online and try.  If it looks bad to you, re-do it. But, I am sure it will look FABULOUS!  Don't be too hard on yourself.  The people that find them love them, so you will impact the world.

GoRock.com: Your mandalas are lovely! Dotted mandalas were new to us, too. Though we're still learning, we realized there may be many rock painters out there wanting to give it a try, so we created this step-by-step tutorial to creating your first dot mandala.

And, these dotting tools are wonderful for making various size dots.


GoRock.com: You've been invited to a rock painting party and they're serving your favorite food. What is it?

Moira: For me, it would have to be some plant-based food because I don't eat any animal products.  Another reason why I love to paint animals, because I love them all.

GoRock.com track painted rocks

GoRock.com: If you listen to music while painting, what are you listening to?

Moira: Raegetton!  Lively music that keeps my energy high.

GoRock.com (editor's note): We weren't familiar with raegetton music, so looked it up — very lively music!

GoRock.com: Do you have a pet that keeps you company while painting, or comes with you if you're placing your rocks?

Moira: No. I do not have any pets.  Too busy for that and my job takes me all over the world so I don't want to let a pet suffer until I decide to settle down and not move as much.

For now, I enjoy life this way and get to see new countries.

GoRock.com: Anything else you'd like to share?

Moira: I saw these amazing rocks in Malaga, Spain on one of the beaches we visited.  I fell in love in Spain with the sunflower fields, so I started painting sunflowers on these white smooth Spanish rocks.  Then, I expanded to mandala dots to create ladybirds and started to give them as gifts.  When I moved back to the States and California, I didn't paint initially but then started again and had brought back some Spanish rocks with me.  I also found some more here and loved the fact of tracking my rocks.  I love getting the e-mail and seeing where it goes.

GoRock.com: Moira, thank you for sharing your story and for inspiring others! We enjoy seeing your creations on GoRock.com and look forward to seeing where they travel and spread kindness. YOU ROCK!

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