Using painted rocks to remember a loved one

Remembering a friend

Losing a close friend is undoubtedly difficult. This GoRock member created a series of “rocks” as a way to remember her friend and allow the spirit of her friend to shine on others as the rock traveled. Actually, this “rock” is a piece of broken shell. The painter explains ” This ‘rock’ is actually a piece of a broken sea shell collected from the sandy shores of Assateague Island in Maryland. I found more pleasure in collecting the ‘ugly’ or less wanted shells, so I could bring them home, paint them, and show the world their beauty with a little TLC.”

First set out in August, this traveling memorial has recently been found and will hopefully continue its journey of spreading happiness. What a beautiful way to remember a friend.

Welcome new members!

This week’s new GoRock members are from all over the world – the United States (Indiana, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, Florida and California) and Australia. We are enjoying the rock creations you’ve added to and can’t wait to see where they will travel!

Rock spotlight

Excitement is finding your very first painted rock! This Christmas minion rock was found at
Sinnamon Park in Queensland, Australia. So happy to see that this rock has made someone’s day!

Who remembers their first find? Comment below!

Remember that functional math class using as a way to study maps? They just set out their rocks and some are already being logged as found.

Looking forward to seeing where they end up – hope some travel far so the class can see on a map where they travel!

Featured member rocks

As we do every Friday, we’re featuring rocks from our GoRock members. Be inspired and paint some of your own rocks!

Once again, we have so many new rocks that have been painted and added to – too many to individually feature here. Here are some of our favorites! (See them all here).

Nice work painters! Smile knowing your rocks are out there unexpectedly brightening someone else’s day.

February rock painting idea list

Challenge yourself to paint as many of these designs as you can!

See the full list here

We’ll be out of the office, so we won’t be publishing a Weekly Insider for next week. But, we’ll still be checking out all the fun creations you add to the site and will make sure to feature some of our favorites the following week.

Stay tuned to our FacebookTwitter and Instagram to see our rock drops!

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