Oct 3: Share a Rainbow Day

When we heard about the awesome event Word Rocks Project was doing for Share a Rainbow Day, we were so excited at the thought of all these rainbow rocks being placed for others to find. Rock painters from all over the world have been busy painting rainbow rocks – will you join us?

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What is Share a Rainbow Day?
The idea is that on October 3, let’s all place rocks featuring a rainbow – we’ll sprinkle the world with some color and spread some smiles and happiness.

How can I participate?
It’s easy.
– Step 1: PAINT rocks with a rainbow  -Be creative – just include a rainbow.
– Step 2: GET AN ID from GoRock.com so you can see where they travel. We’ll even let you know as soon as one of your rocks is found! This is an optional (but, fun!) step.
– Step 3: PLACE your rock (anywhere) on October 3
– Step 4: SMILE knowing your rocks will be spreading smiles as they travel!

Connect with other rock painters and share your works of art, or look at theirs and be inspired.

I’m not sure what to paint. Have any ideas?
Yes! Check out our gallery for inspiration.

All of the rocks displayed above are smooth river stones that were first primed using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is really going to be your best bet because it provides nice coverage, it dries quickly, comes in a wonderful array of colors (and, it’s pretty inexpensive!).  For the drawings and words, we used a combination of fine tip Posca paint markers and medium tip Posca paint markers. We like these markers because they allow for fine detail work (like lettering) and they dry quickly. After you’ve painted your rock, you’ll want to seal it. If you’re adding a label (like a GoRock tracking ID), you can apply the label with a decoupage medium like Modge Podge. This is basically like a fancy water-based glue. However, if placing your rock outdoors, you’ll need to add a weather-proof finishing sealant, like this acrylic varnish (we like the gloss finish because it makes our rocks nice and shiny).

And, we’ve put together a few tutorials featuring rainbows, too.

Have you any painted any rainbows?
Comment below and inspire others! ⬇️

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