May rock painting challenge

May rock painting challenge

Not sure about you, but where we live, there's been this tremendous sense of community as we're staying at home due to this virus. We're hearing stories about neighbors helping out neighbors and heroes emerging in our community. We're grateful for the crew at our grocery store, for our first responders and, of course, so thankful for those in healthcare. Teachers are adapting to deliver curriculum online and everyone's sort of looking out for one another. And, while our GoRock community is scattered across the world, we created a forum as a way to help us feel connected to one another. We're in this together and it's a nice feeling knowing we will emerge from this with a stronger sense of community.

Hometown pride

That's why we just had to include "hometown pride" on our monthly challenge — it's Day 23.



"You found me!"

All this time at home gave us no excuse to skip cleaning out "that" closet. You know the one we're speaking of — the one where you just throw random stuff in it, close the door and the mess is suddenly gone (except, it's not!)

While cleaning out that closet, we came across some word search puzzle books, which quickly became a daily dose of relaxation. It reminded us that we made a tutorial for how to do a word search design on a rock and thought it'd be fun to add to this month's challenge.

So, Day 19 of our monthly challenge is "word search message". A fun design, especially if you're new to rock painting. Having a fine tip paint pen makes this design especially easy because you simply write on the rock!

Be creative! This would be a fun way to wish a friend "Happy Birthday". Or, "Happy Mother's Day".🌼


Save the bees!

This extra time at home had us looking at our yard and thinking about gardening. Vegetable gardening is something we've already been doing and there's nothing like harvesting food right from your backyard! But, it had us thinking about how nice it would be to enjoy beautiful floral blooms. Then, that had us thinking about bees.🐝

Bees are so vital to our ecosystem. A place like this natural bamboo bee house is the perfect way to provide a safe environment for native pollinator bees.

So, to pay tribute to these hard-working insects, Day 28 of our challenge is "save the bees!".


Silhouette design

Day 9 of our monthly challenge is "silhouette". Silhouettes are fun to paint on rocks because there are so ways you can be creative with the design. Use different colors in your gradient. Or, paint any design imaginable as the silhouette. The possibilities are truly endless!

silhouette painted rocks

If painting a silhouette design is something you've been wanting to try, we created a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through how to do it.

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⚠️ Important reminder: Many of us have hit the pause button on the hiding and finding aspect of rock painting as we stay home and do our part to flatten the curve. We kindly ask that once you're ready to set out rocks that rocks only include paint and sealer. Please do not include on your painted rocks any glued-on items like googly eyes, gemstones and other craft supplies as these may be harmful to wildlife or may fall off and become litter.


May rock painting challenge

GoRock - not your ordinary rock painting group

Paying it forward, one painted rock at a time. is a global rock painting community where:

  • your painted rocks lead to donations to charity. Learn more about our Rock It Forward program where we're paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.
  • see on a map where your painted rocks travel and spread joy
  • be notified when your painted rocks are found
  • read stories from those who have found your painted rocks
  • it's easy for rock finders to post they've found a rock (no social media required)


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