Mark the journey of your painted rocks on a wooden map!

Painted rocks on a journey of spreading joy

It's natural to be curious if your painted rocks travel after you hide them. Sure, you hide them as a random act of kindness. But, they do get picked up and many painted rocks end up on a journey of their own.

That's where comes in. GoRock was created as a way to follow the journey of your painted rock as it travels and spreads joy.

Keep track of where your painted rocks travel

Part of the reason we created was to show on a map where your painted rocks travel — as a way to visualize all the kindness you're spreading with your painted rocks. It's pretty awesome to read stories from people who find your rocks and know your rock made their day.

Getting that notification letting you know your rock has been found is exciting and seeing the map on is pretty cool.
painted rocks travel | track painted rocks

Map your rock's journeys!

But, you could take it one step further and get a cool wooden map like the one Enjoythewood offers! How fun would it be to mark on the map where your painted rocks travel!?

Use little sticker dots to mark on the wooden map where your rocks have landed.

Not only will a wooden map by Enjoythewood add beautiful decor to your walls, but you'll have this visual reminder of all the joy you're spreading out into the world by way of your painted rocks!

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