March rock painting challenge

March rock painting challenge

March's rock painting challenge includes designs that celebrate the seasons. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, signs of Spring are among us, so this list features bunnies, flowers and butterflies. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the cool crisp air of Autumn is approaching.  This marks the end of turtle hatching season — you may just be lucky enough to spot baby sea turtles make their way out to sea! (hence, the sea turtles design).

Challenge yourself to try one design a day and share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what you've worked on. We can't wait to see your designs! And, don't miss the BONUS challenge below!

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Do the floss!

We love to paint these designs and leave around dental offices for kids to find. Let's face it, getting kids (and, some adults!) to floss isn't always easy. Our dentist office gave us samples of Crayola kids' flossers, which helped make dental hygiene a breeze!

🎨Supplies used: We started by painting one layer of acrylic paint. Then, we used a combination of medium point Posca paint pens and Tooli-Art acrylic paint pens to draw a tooth doing "the floss".

Don't forget to seal your rocks! We like DecoArt DuraClear gloss varnish. Read about all the reasons this is our favorite sealer for painted rocks!

painted rock dentist

Here's a close-up of that design. If you give it a try, share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We may just feature your design!

dentist painted rock


A fluttering butterfly

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies." - anonymous

Learning how to draw a butterfly was something we wanted to try. We used this "How to Draw Cute Stuff" book for a step-by-step tutorial. And, we practiced drawing a butterfly on paper. Then, we applied what we learned and made a rock painting tutorial to show how to paint that butterfly onto a rock.


Take care of Mother Earth

You've heard it over and over. We have this one planet — let's be kind to it. With sea levels rising and marine life experiencing heartbreaking pollution, it's important we all take steps to protect Mother Earth.

Some simple changes you can make include:

  • carry reusable bags (many countries ban single-use items like plastic bags). We absolutely love these bagpodz reusable bags because they can scrunch into a purse or clip onto your shopping cart. And, just toss into the washing machine every once in a while to clean them.
  • shop at thrift stores — you know the saying "one person's trash is another's treasure". You never know what you'll find! When we're not painting rocks, we love to do puzzles. It's surprising how many puzzles (still in shrinkwrap!) we've found at our local thrift store. It's a small way to help reduce your carbon footprint by getting some use out of a recycled item vs buying new.
  • use a travel mug — 💡Did you know? Many coffee shops welcome your reusable travel mug and will sometimes even offer a discount if you use your mug vs one of their disposable cups. We like this ceramic travel mug because it keeps our coffee and tea hot and our water cold. We couldn't help but bling ours with our exclusive rock painting vinyl sticker!

We just love these earth-minded creations on Check out some of the designs our members have painted and set out into the world.


March's rock painting challenge list

Challenge yourself to a design-a-day! Share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what you've worked on. And, if you want to track where painted rocks travel & spread joy, join our community at

As an extra challenge this month, see if you can incorporate one of the following into every design you create:

  • heart(s)
  • stick person
  • word or phrase
painted rock Easter bunny St. Patricks Day


GoRock - not your ordinary rock painting group

Paying it forward, one painted rock at a time. is a global rock painting community where:

  • see on a map where your painted rocks travel and spread kindness
  • be notified when your painted rocks are found
  • read stories from those who have found your painted rocks
  • it's easy for rock finders to post they've found a rock (no social media required)
  • your painted rocks lead to donations to charity. Learn more about our Rock It Forward program where we're paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.


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