Labels for painted rocks

Want to track where your painted rocks travel?

When someone finds a rock with a ID, they simply enter the ID on the back of the rock and are able to see on a map where that rock has traveled. The person who created the rock will be notified that their rock has been found and they will also be able to see on a map where it has traveled (and, how far!)

While the ID can be handwritten on the back of the rock, an ID that isn't legible will make it tough for the rock finder to enter. GoRock has created labels that help take the guesswork out of fancy handwriting.


To use these labels, simply download a label file (two sizes based on the size of your rock) and replace the placeholder "1234567" ID with the IDs provided to you from

Adhere the labels (we like to use Modge Podge), then seal your rocks to protect them from the weather (we like this acrylic sealant). Important: Modge Podge is not waterproof (see what happens if you only use Modge Podge) and will need a final sealer.

Print labels

Clicking these links will download a Microsoft Word file:


Paint your rock, then follow its journey is a global rock painting community:

  • see on a map where your painted rocks travel and spread kindness
  • be notified when your painted rocks are found
  • read stories from those who have found your painted rocks
  • it's easy for rock finders to post they've found a rock (no social media required)

Paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.

  • your painted rocks lead to donations to charity. Learn more about our Rock It Forward program where we're paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.




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