January rock painting challenge – 31 ideas

Our January rock painting challenge encourages positive thoughts and celebrates the new year with designs like "inspirational word" or "message of hope". It also features many designs focused on love in preparation for Valentine's Day. It also includes some fun designs like flamingo, bubbles and one of our favorites, puns. We highlight some design ideas (with the full list below).

Challenge yourself to try one design a day and share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what you've worked on!

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The Internet. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that old! Yet, it feels like it has been a part of our lives for so long. Some of us remember that sound of connecting online ⁠— you know which one! 🙂And, now, many of us carry a mini computer (mobile phone) in our pockets and are constantly connected to what's going on in the world and with loved ones (and, with an endless supply of cat videos on YouTube).

painted rock tech design ideas

🎨Supplies Used:
This simple "Image Loading" design is a perfect way to try out paint pens, such as Posca fine point paint pens (what we used). Especially for writing words, they allow you to achieve fine details.

We painted the rock using Apple Barrel acrylic paint in their Vanilla Ice cream ⁠— it's a creamier-colored white.

Tip: we use a base coat of white any time we're going to paint a rock pink, yellow or orange. Those colors don't cover well when used alone, and first painting your rock white (or, black) will usually require only one coat of those bright colors.

Watt's Up?

We combined #5 (light bulb) and #6 (puns) on this month's list into a single design.

A light bulb is fun because it can be applied to so many designs. Paint a light bulb and write a message of encouragement like "Look on the bright side". For this rock, we stuck with our Posca fine point paint pens as they allowed for the tiny details. And, we used DecoArt DuraClear acrylic gloss varnish for a waterproof finish.

light bulb painted rock

We actually recently hid this rock and it's been found a few times. It's fun to read the stories from those who find the rock.



Silhouette designs are eye-catching. There's something about the simplicity of a solid-colored design against a gradient background. And, it's one of those designs that is versatile ⁠— the solid-colored design can be any color, as well as the background, so the possibilities are endless. From animals and flowers to people or places, knowing how to paint a silhouette design on a painted rock is a fun addition to your painting repertoire.

Here are a few designs we tried. Experiment and share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what you've worked on!!

Here are those same designs up close to show greater detail.


Toes in the sand

Depending on where you are in the world, the cold, winter weather during January can have you dreaming about a warm breeze and sinking your toes into the sand. This month's challenge includes flip flops and the beach.

🎨Supplies Used:
All of the rocks below were first painted with acrylic paint. For the "beach" and flip flop designs, we used Apple Barrel Pool Blue and added some white to make various shades of the teal for blending.

The flip flop rock was mostly done using acrylic paints. Only the outline of the flip flops and the words were done using Posca fine point paint pens.

💬 Rock finder story: We initially painted these designs to bring with us on vacation (to the beach!). We kept a few to hide around our (chilly) town and it seems the beach theme was appreciated. Check out this story from someone who found one of our beach-themed rocks. Hope the rock enjoyed some warmer weather!

Home Sweet Home

Ask someone where they're from and it usually comes with a sense of pride. We see many painted rocks on GoRock.com that feature destinations or landmarks from various locations from around the world.

#20 on this month's list is "where you're from" and celebrates the place you call "home". Show off your hometown pride! Then, set your rock to be found and follow its journey on GoRock.com.

painted rock Queensland, Australia | New Zealand | Florida | New York


The official challenge list for January

Challenge yourself to a design-a-day! Share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what you've worked on. And, if you want to track where painted rocks travel and spread joy, join our community at GoRock.com.

January painted rocks challenge


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