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painted rocks lead to donations to charity

A special announcement from GoRock co-founder, Michele

I’M SO EXCITED! Today, we rolled out a new feature to called Rock It Forward.

From the start of GoRock, I wanted to find a way to give back. The inspiration for GoRock was the community of people around the world painting rocks as a random act of kindness. They took their precious time and spent money on rock painting supplies to paint a rock that would be an unexpected way of brightening someone’s day. That’s a pretty awesome random act of kindness and I wanted to find a way to visualize all that kindness. So, was born — a way to be notified when one of your painted rocks has been found, to see on a map where your rocks travel, and to be able to read stories from those who find your rocks.

GoRock elevated the experience for rock finders, too. Previously, if someone found a rock, they often had to search for a specific Facebook group (and, not everyone is on Facebook!) and request to join that group (most rock painting groups are private). As a result, many rocks aren’t posted as found. I took this into account and designed a website that could easily be accessed by phone, tablet or computer and didn’t require the rock finder to do anything except enter a code from the back of the rock. Then, they get to see things like “You’re the 6th person to find this rock” and see on a map where that rock had traveled before they found it. I think it helps people feel connected by way of a simple painted rock.

Fast forward to today and Rock It Forward. I thought “what if all of these painted rocks could mean even more than spreading kindness?” That’s when Rock It Forward was created. As rocks are added to GoRock, they’ll contribute toward a goal (shown on a member’s dashboard as a progress meter).

When we hit our goal of 500 rocks, GoRock will make a donation to a charity our community votes for. Rock finders will also have the opportunity to make a donation to that charity when they come to the site to log a rock as found. Now we’re paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.

We went ahead and picked this month’s charity — Oceana — but in the future, members will have a chance to vote for which cause they’d like us to support. Read more about why we chose Oceana

I sure hope our GoRock community is as excited about this new program as I am! You already paint rocks simply to pass along a smile, so now your rocks will be leading to even more goodness in this world!

Learn more about Rock It Forward

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