Plaid painted rocks in 4 easy steps

While putting on our favorite shirt, we thought "how fun would it be to paint a plaid design on a rock?!" So, we decided to give it a try! The plaid design on our shirt was a bit more involved, so decided to give a buffalo plaid design a try as it felt more attainable for beginners. 🙂

plaid print on a shirt


Supplies used

We used a combination of paint and paint pens for these festive plaid painted rocks. Here's a breakdown of the rock painting supplies we used.

We stocked up at our local landscape supply center for nice, smooth rocks. We bring a 5-gallon bucket and they let us handpick rocks for a few dollars.

Need rocks? Check our post for where to get rocks for rock painting.

First, we started by painting our rocks with CraftSmart's red acrylic paint. (we like Apple Barrel's acrylic paint, too!) But, use any color — green, navy, white and black would be fun to experiment with!

Just a standard bristle brush works for this plaid design — we choose the width of the brush tip based on the size of our rock. This pack is great because you get 50 paint brushes in a variety of tip shapes and widths. So, when we're blending different colors, we have enough brushes to use without having to constantly rinse & dry.

Next, we used a combination of medium point Posca paint pen and fine point Posca paint pens to draw the lines and fill in the squares.

Once we're ready to seal our rock, we really like DecoArt DuraClear gloss varnish.

TIP: We tried the high gloss finish and experienced some cracking of the paint, so recommend the gloss or satin (we've used both these finishes for over a year now and have not run into any issues).


How to paint plaid - step-by-step tutorial

We hope this video tutorial inspires you to paint your own plaid painted rocks. If you found the video helpful, please comment and give a thumbs up!👍

Add festive words like peace, joy, family, believe and noel. Personalize with someone's name and you have a fun stocking stuffer! There are so many ways you can be creative with this plaid design.

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