How to paint a rose: step by step tutorial

Priming the rock

This is an optional step. Having a background color can really make the rose pop. Leaving the stone natural can also make the colors of the rose pop. It's up to you!

We decided to paint the rock because the surface was a bit rough. The paint helped to add a smooth layer to paint/draw on. Knowing we'd be painting a red rose, we used a light pink color as a base coat. In this case, we can't provide the exact color since we mixed a custom color.



Practice sketch

When we're painting rocks, sometimes we just dive right in and start painting on the rock.

Other times, we practice our design a few times using pencil & paper. This was the case for the rose. The basic shape wasn't too difficult. But, the overlapping petals of the rose were a bit tricky. Sketching it a few times really helped!

We followed a step-by-step tutorial in the book How to Draw Cute Stuff by Angela Nguyen. This book has been a fun resource for drawing everything from cute animals to vehicles to food.

pencil sketch | how to draw a rose | drawing tutorial

Sketching on rock

After a few practice runs on paper, we sketched the rose on the rock. Thank goodness for erasers because we erased several times before getting the sketch you see below. Those rose petals are tricky!

drawing tutorial | how to draw a rose

But, persistence paid off!

It's tough to tell from the photos, but this rock was fairly small. The thought of trying to brush acrylic paint with a tiny brush felt intimidating, so we decided to use fine tipped paint pens for the design. We used a red extra fine tip Posca paint pen for the rose petals. Then, used a green TOOLI-ART extra fine tip paint pen for the stem and leaves and black to outline.


Happiness blooms from within

Hope this tutorial was helpful and gives you an idea of how to paint a rose on a rock.

We'd love to see your designs. If you give this design a try, share with us on Facebook, Twitter or tag us on Instagram.

Posca paint pens for painted rocks | rock painting paint pens
painted rose on a rock


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  1. Celeste Porto Colburn

    Can you use the Recommended Polyurethene Sealant, to Rocks that you plan on hiding outside in various places? I do not see that on their description to apply it to rocks. I’d be leary on spending my money on that.

    1. Hi Celeste, was there a specific polyurethene sealant you were looking at? We’ve tried many products and have had success with some and not with others. If you’re in the United States, we recommend the DuraClear sealer highlighted in this guide: That sealer is relatively inexpensive and one bottle can seal hundreds of rocks. For extra UV protection, you may apply a clear spray over the sealer before setting rocks outdoors. Hope this helps!

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