How to keep birds away from strawberry plants

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Protect strawberry plants from critters

Check out the photo below. They look good enough to eat, right!? Fooled ya, and that's the whole point!

how to keep animals away from strawberry plants

Imagine growing strawberry plants and waiting for them to ripen only to head outside and see that they've all been eaten!๐Ÿ˜ฑ

It's no secret birds love strawberries. We've got a simple idea to keep birds away from strawberry plants using painted rocks โ€” a strawberry decoy.

Deter garden critters, naturally

Regardless if you're using a stackable gardening pot for herbs & strawberries or a standard pot, every gardener knows that part of the gardening experience is trying to keep critters from eating the crops.

In our personal garden, we're always seeking natural, pesticide-free ways to keep critters & pests away. One year, we were trying to keep aphids away from our bell peppers and we concocted this cayenne pepper spray that worked wonders!

The following year, we decided to try growing strawberries. A neighbor was throwing out a nice clay strawberry pot and it just had us thinking of all the strawberry spinach salads and strawberry tarts we could enjoy over the summer months.

clay strawberry pot

Sadly, the bottom cracked and it's now something we mow around in the yard. lol But, before the bottom of the pot cracked, we did enjoy one season of watching strawberries grow! Despite our efforts to stave off critters, we weren't successful. Upon returning from a weekend getaway, we came home to one lone strawberry. All the others had been eaten.๐Ÿ˜ข

Our lone strawberry!
Our lone strawberry!


A simple, inexpensive solution is to paint some stones to look like strawberries and place them around your strawberry plants. This confuses the birds and critters and deters them from snacking on your sweet berries!

How to paint rocks to look like strawberries

Step 1: Gather stones about the size and shape of a strawberry. Give them a rinse and let completely dry.

Step 2:ย Paint the rocks red. An inexpensive acrylic paint works fine. We like Apple Barrel acrylic paint because it is water-based and non-toxic. You may add more elaborate details such as a green leafy "crown" and dots for the seeds. Acrylic paint pens make adding those details a breeze as you just draw like you would with a marker.

Step 3: โš ๏ธThis important step must not be skipped! Since the stones will be left outdoors in potentially wet weather, make sure to add a waterproof sealer to your rock. We like DuraClear gloss varnish because it is water-based and non-toxic and can be used indoors (no smelly fumes). More tips may be found in our guide to sealing painted rocks.

how to paint strawberry rocks for garden
strawberry painted rock for garden

It'sย that simple! We hope this gardening tip helps deter those critters and results in the most delicious berries for you to enjoy. And, for anyone with Kindle Unlimited, you can enjoy (for free!) this strawberry cookbook with loads of recipes.๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“


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