Painted rock delivers a birthday message

A special birthday message

Imagine it’s your birthday and you’re just strolling along and look down to find a painted rock. Exciting, right?

Now imagine, taking a closer look at that rock and it reads “Happy Birthday”.

That happened!! Ever feel like a rock finds the person and not the other way around?

This rock was painted by GoRock member Glennis_NZ as a way to celebrate her own birthday. And now, it’s traveling around spreading birthday messages to others. 🎂🎈🎁

Welcome new members

This week’s new GoRock members are from all over the world – the United States (California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi and Virginia), New Zealand and Australia. We are enjoying the rock creations you’ve added to and can’t wait to see where they will travel! 🌍

Featured member rocks

As we do every Friday, we’re featuring rocks from our GoRock members. Be inspired and paint some of your own rocks!

Once again, we have so many new rocks that have been painted and added to – too many to individually feature here. Here are some of our favorites! (See them all here).

Rock spotlight

Our GoRock members are seeing on a map where their painted rocks travel and they are notified each time one of their rocks is found. And, as a bonus, these rock finders left a message when they found a rock. Join GoRock and get an ID for your rock to see where your kindness rocks spread smiles.

March rock painting idea list

Our idea list for March is ready! Challenge yourself to paint as many of these designs as possible.

We’d love to see your creations. Post on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (@GoRockFun) and share what you’re working on.

March rock painting idea list

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