Want to paint your own kindness rocks? This post will walk you through the steps and supplies needed to get started painting rocks. Follow these steps and you’ll be spreading kindness with painted rocks in no time!

Step 1. GET your rock

Believe it or not, just finding rocks to paint can sometimes pose a challenge. Maybe you live in a bustling city and don't really have access to rocks in your yard. Or, maybe you do have rocks in your backyard, but they're for landscaping and you're planning on painting more than just a few you could snag without being noticed. Whatever you're situation, we put together a post with some ideas of where to get rocks.

Step 2. PREP your rock

Once you have your rocks, you'll want to prep them for painting. This is as simple as cleaning them off and making sure they're free of debris. Because we've heard of some crazy (and, potentially dangerous) ways to prep a rock for painting, we've put together a post with an ideal way to get your rocks ready for painting.

Step 3. PAINT your rock

Now that you have your rocks and they're cleaned, it's time to let your creative juices flow! What's so wonderful about painting rocks is that any skill level and ability can paint rocks. Whether you're just getting started and looking for tips or have painted a few and are looking for more ideas, we have posts that will help.

Step 4. ID your rock

Have you ever placed a painted rock, gone back to see that it had been picked up and wondered where it has traveled? Many rock painters have this curiosity and, fortunately, there's a way to find out where those painted rocks travel - it's called GoRock. When you sign up with GoRock.com, you can get a unique ID to add to the back of your rock. When someone finds your rock and enters that ID at GoRock.com, both you and the rock finder will be able to see on a map where that rock has traveled. You will also get a notification letting you know that your rock has been found. It's an optional step, but a fun way to elevate the rock painting experience! Learn more about GoRock.

Step 5. LABEL your rock

Many rock painters add a label to the back of their rocks. The label usually includes the name of a local rock painting group on Facebook. If you're tracking your rocks with GoRock, this is where you can add the unique ID. Check out our post on rock painting tips to learn how to adhere the label to your rock.


  • Try adding the label to a part of the rock where the label will lay as flat as possible. This allows you to get a better seal around the label and reduce the chance of water seeping underneath the label and, over time, increasing the chances of the label peeling away from the rock.
  • You may have to repeat the process of applying your decoupage medium to ensure a nice, clean seal. Just let your rock dry completely before brushing on more decoupage, otherwise it’ll get tacky (and, no one likes tacky, unless you’re trying to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest).

Step 6. SEAL your rock

You’ve just spent time painting your rock and are getting ready to set it on a journey - protecting it will be key to its ability to weather the elements outdoors.

Once you’ve added a label to your rock, you’ll want to seal the entire rock.


  • Remember, your rock will travel and will endure a variety of weather conditions - wet, extreme heat or cold, etc - so, it’s important to cover the entire rock, including the label.
  • Any clear enamel spray or brushable clear varnish works. Try several light coats with drying in between vs globbing it on in one pass.
  • Make sure the rock is fully dry, otherwise it’ll get tacky and risk the label pulling off when the rock is set down. Depending on the humidity in your area, this could take a few days, so be patient!

Check out our post on rock painting tips to learn how to seal your rock.

Step 7. HIDE your rock!

This is the fun part (well, besides painting your rock!) Where to hide your rock is up to you. If you're not sure, check our post on where to hide rocks (and, where to avoid) for ideas.  And, if you've signed up with GoRock, you'll get notified when your rock is found and you can visit GoRock.com to watch it travel!


  • Be patient. Sometimes it can take a little while for your rock to be marked as found, like this one of ours which was found 275 days after we hid it!
  • Hide many rocks to see how they all travel to different places.

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