Get your rocks ready for painting

Prepping your rocks is as simple as giving them a quick rinse and letting them dry. But, because we’ve heard of some pretty crazy (and, potentially dangerous) ways people have tried cleaning their rocks, we’ve put together this post with ways you should (and, shouldn’t) prep your rocks for painting.

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– Keep it simple. Wash rocks in water (no need for soap) and let dry. If rock is particularly dirty, can use a small brush to remove debris.
– Try laying rinsed rocks on a towel (make sure to flip – the rocks, not the towel!) We like to use a baking cooling rack to place rocks on (here’s a 4-pack of cooling racks because, let’s face it, we know you’re going to paint a lot of rocks!) The cooling rack creates a nice air flow around the rock for quicker drying.
– Make sure rocks are fully dry before painting. Even a small amount of water in the rock can cause your paint to not fully stick to the rock.

– DO NOT use your dishwasher. Debris will come loose and you’ll end up spending more time hand-washing dishes than painting rocks, and that’s no fun!
– DO NOT use your oven to try to speed up the drying process. Even on a low temperature, rocks could burst open (they ARE porous, after all).
– DO NOT boil your rocks to try to remove the waxy substance on those rocks from the craft store. This is really dangerous. Simply submerge rocks in warm water and wipe clean with a rag (both bowl & rag should be disposable as that waxy substance is going to make a mess).

Once you’ve cleaned your rocks, you’re ready for painting! Reference our checklist to make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to paint. If you’re all set with your supplies, then you’re ready to paint! Check out this post where we share tips and techniques for painting.

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