Zero painting skills required for this easy rock painting tutorial!

Everyone is an artist!

When it comes to the activity of rock painting, we often hear “I’m not an artist – there’s no way I can paint a rock. I have zero painting skills.” The thing with art is that everyone is an artist and it’s the sort of hobby that just takes practice and repetition (and, an easy rock painting tutorial is always helpful!).

Rock painting is a wonderful activity because it’s inclusive. Anyone can pick up a brush and start simple with some dots or simply painting rocks different colors. Add some paint pens, like Posca extra fine-tip, and you can start simple by writing a word or phrase. And, with the kindness rocks movement being embraced with people all over the world, the act of painting a rock promotes creativity and kindness — just read some of the heartwarming stories from people who find painted rocks).

Easy rock painting tutorial featuring a word search design in 6 quick steps

If you're just getting started with rock painting, this tutorial is great for beginners because it's mostly writing versus painting. Word searches are fun puzzles that keep your mind sharp and can help improve focus and are nice stress-relievers. So, we decided to try this design on a painted rock! Follow our simple rock painting tutorial for fun painted rocks with different messages. Be creative! Use this technique for messages like "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary" or "You Matter".


Step 1: Paint rock white

This is the easiest part of this tutorial! Paint the rock white with either an acrylic paint or spray paint. If using an acrylic paint, it sometimes takes two coats to get nice coverage. It really depends on the kind of paint. We like the Apple Barrel acrylic paint because it comes in an array of colors, has smooth coverage and cleans up nicely. But, any acrylic paint will work. The kind of brush you use can also make a difference. Choosing a wide brush tip provides nice coverage minimizes brush strokes. We like this pack of brushes because it comes with 50 brushes in a variety of brush tips and widths.

Easy step by step rock painting tutorial.


Step 2: Write “YOU”

This step is simple, but pay close attention to the placement of the word "YOU". The steps to follow will involve adding two more words and filling in extra space with letters — you'll want to make room for everything so the design doesn't look crowded.

PLAN AHEAD: The next word, "FOUND", will use the "O" in "YOU", so keep that in mind (avoid writing "YOU" too close to the top of the rock so there's enough room for the letter "F").

Easy step by step rock painting tutorial.

Step 3: Write “FOUND”

Use the "O" in the word "YOU" to vertically write the word "FOUND".

Easy step by step rock painting tutorial.

Step 4: Write “ME”

As with any word search, the words you're seeking for may be placed anywhere in the puzzle. We chose to write the word “ME” horizontally only one letter away from the end of the word “FOUND”. It’s up to you, but if you want to copy this tutorial, we recommend placing these words as pictured to make filling in letters a bit easier.

Easy step by step rock painting tutorial.

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Step 5: Fill in letters

This is the fun part. Fill in the rest of the space with letters!

While it may appear random letters are filled in, we actually carefully chose the letters to ensure we weren't accidentally creating new words (for example, another "ME").

Easy step by step rock painting tutorial.

Step 6: Circle “YOU” “FOUND” and “ME”

Now, use a different color paint pen to circle the words “YOU” “FOUND” and “ME”.

That's it! You've done it!!


The beauty of this technique is that you can use this method with various words/phrases.

Have fun with it and be creative!


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