April painting/drawing/art challenge

rock painting art drawing challenge

This is a special monthly challenge because we realize not everyone has the ability to get the rock painting supplies they're used to (for example, the all-important ...rocks). Many "non-essential" stores have been closed and painting supplies may not be easily accessed.

But, let's not let a potential lack of supplies stop us from being creative! If you're out of paint or rocks, try some of these designs with pencil on paper. Or, channel those preschool days and grab some markers, colored pencils or crayons. Colored pencils actually provide a great medium to practice shading and blending techniques.

Over these past few weeks, our social media feeds have primarily been filled with one of two things: anxiety-inducing news stories about Coronavirus and art.

Let's focus on the art!

While going on walks through our neighborhood (and, practicing social distancing), we've seen sidewalks with inspirational chalk messages and windows painted like stained glass. These unexpected works of art brought upon the same smiles as if finding a painted rock.

Neighborhoods have banded together to display art (and, teddy bears!) in windows in an effort to lift spirits and spread a little joy during a time of social distancing.

Art for mental health

As rock painters, our focus is often on making others smile with our artwork. This month especially, we're encouraging self-care and the process of making art. Any art. There are so many health benefits of being creative. So, let your creative juices flow!


Design-a-day challenge

For those of you with rock painting supplies and ready to paint, our monthly challenge is posted below. As always, this challenge is simply a list of ideas of what you can paint — one design for each day of the month (do what you can!)

We'd love to see your designs, so please share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Whereas we usually expect the canvas to be a rock, if you don't have all your usual rock painting supplies, here are some ideas!

  • use a variety of canvases* - paper, stretched canvas, your driveway or a window
  • with a variety of mediumsmarkers, pencil, pen, Legos or even air-dry clay!
  • try a variety of tools — toothpick, Q-tip, a pencil eraser or a makeup brush

⚠️ Important reminder: *We've hit the pause button on the hiding and finding aspect of rock painting as we stay home and do our part to flatten the curve. We kindly ask that once you're ready to set out rocks that rocks only include paint and sealer. Please do not include on your painted rocks any glued-on items like googly eyes, gemstones and other craft supplies.


April rock painting challenge

Bonus challenge: All mixed up in the name of art!

This bonus challenge was submitted by GoRock.com's co-founder, Michele. Check it out!

One of my favorite projects from junior high art class was a "mixed media collage". The class was instructed to choose one item and repeat that item 6-9 times. Though soda wasn't something I was allowed to drink growing up, the design of a can of Coke was iconic. A neighbor lent me a can and I went to work, using a variety of techniques including pointillism, colored pencils and the craziest, needle & thread!

I challenge you to try something similar. Find an object around your house — an apple, a bottle of glue...anything! Share your project and progress with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


GoRock - not your ordinary rock painting group

Paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.
GoRock.com is a global rock painting community where:

  • see on a map where your painted rocks travel and spread kindness
  • be notified when your painted rocks are found
  • read stories from those who have found your painted rocks
  • it's easy for rock finders to post they've found a rock (no social media required)
  • your painted rocks lead to donations to charity. Learn more about our Rock It Forward program where we're paying it forward, one painted rock at a time.


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