About GoRock

This blog is brought to you by GoRock. With thousands of members from all over the world, GoRock.com is the leading service that provides the ability to see where a painted rock has traveled and provide a notification when a painted rock has been found.

Rock painters all over the world are painting rocks with the sole purpose of placing that rock for someone (a complete stranger!) to find and to put a smile on that person's face. That's a pretty incredible random act of kindness. With GoRock's ability to track painted rocks, all those smiles and kindness are visualized on a map for both the rock painter and rock finder to see.

We have tried many methods of painting, labeling and sealing our rocks and offer this blog as a way to share information for those just getting started with rock painting and even those with experience with painting rocks and looking for new techniques or supplies. If you have not yet experienced this fulfilling hobby, we encourage you to browse this blog and be inspired to give it a try!

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