30 easy rock painting ideas to inspire you

Easy rock painting ideas you've got to try!

We get it. Sometimes you just want easy rock painting ideas so you can spend less time wondering what to paint and more time ... painting! Look no further — we've got one design idea for each day of the month. That's 30 rock painting ideas that are simple and fun!

Donuts + puns = fun

We ❤️ donuts and puns, so we made sure both designs made it onto this list of simple ideas for painted rocks. We even went as far as mashing the two designs into a single rock!

Draw a simple donut and add text for an easy rock painting idea featuring a pun

We think this painted rock is EGG-cellent! With this egg design, it's simple to add your own message for a personalized twist to the pun. We used a combination of medium point Posca paint pens and fine point Posca paint pens for these pun-design rocks. The paint glides smoothly on the rock and allows for nice attention to detail not always easily (nor, quickly) achieved with a paint brush. Learn more about why we love these Posca paint pens so much compared to other options.

Easy rock painting idea featuring an egg design


June is Pride Month

Here in the United States, June is Pride Month. We celebrate diversity and the acceptance of all LGBTQ people. Included in this list is one of the primary icons of the LGBT rights movement and gay pride, the rainbow flag. The rainbow colors can be easily incorporated into other designs, such as a heart. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread some kindness into the world and help celebrate diversity.

Painted rocks celebrate LGBT gay pride

And, if you do paint rocks featuring messages of pride and acceptance, consider placing around your community for others to find. You never know how your painted rock might be just the message someone is needing at that moment or how it may unexpectedly brighten their day, like this pride painted rock.

Join GoRock.com and get an ID for your painted rock, which will allow you to track your rock's journey of spreading kindness and smiles and hear from rock finders about how your painted rock made their day. You'll get a notification letting you know your rock has been found. And, both you and the rock finder will get to see on a map where that rock has traveled. Plus, rocks painted with GoRock lead to donations to charity.

GoRock is truly a unique rock painting experience. Learn more about how to track painted rocks.

Seeing dots with this mandala painted rock design

If a dotted mandala is a design you've been wanting to try, we created this rock painting tutorial to walk you through step-by-step how to paint your own.


Ideas for rock painting that are easy

Give this list of 30 easy rock painting ideas a try!

Challenge yourself to try as many of these designs as possible. We’d love to see your painted rock designs. Post on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (@GoRockFun) — inspire others and share what you’re working on.

30 easy rock painting ideas


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