2018 Year in Review

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What a year it has been! GoRock launched about seven months ago and it’s exciting to see all the kindness our members have been spreading with their painted rocks. In that short time, we’ve gone from seeing activity mostly in the United States to now having GoRock members from all over the world. Because of dedicated members like yourselves and your painted rocks travelling around the world, we’re now truly a global movement. Thank you!

Your rocks are on the move.

⭐ Thousands of GoRock rocks have traveled more than ⭐ 200,000 miles (over 320,000 kilometers) and have landed in ⭐ over 25 countries on ⭐ 5 different continents.

That’s a lot of smiles!

Your rocks have:

❤️ made people smile
“Put a smile on my face, look out for it in Wales.” – rock finder

❤️ provided comfort
“I had a tough week. My mom passed away unexpectedly earlier this year and it would have been her birthday on Friday. This rock made me smile!” – rock finder

❤️ made others feel special
“I was going to my weekly appointment with my therapist. I saw it on the ledge at the entrance of the building…made me smile and feel special.” – rock finder

❤️ honored a loved one
“We painted rocks to honor the amazing life of Joycelyn. Please wave to her in heaven and then rehide the rock.” – rock finder

❤️ inspired others to paint rocks
“Have taken it 45 minutes away from where we found it. Taking it with us tomorrow on a road trip to NSW. It has inspired us to paint our own rock to see how far it travels.” – rock finder

❤️ turned a frown upside down
“I was on the clock pushing out a shopping cart and on my way back in I was feeling a little grumpy, I looked over to see a beautiful rainbow rock with the word smile on it! It made me so happy I grabbed it ran inside and showed everyone what I had found! I’m excited to rehide it and spread the cheer!” – rock finder

Your support of GoRock is appreciated

We hope you’re enjoying GoRock. We have some fun ideas up our sleeve for 2019. The more members that join GoRock, the more ways we can enhance the experience of GoRock.com. That’s why we’re asking for your support. Our co-founder shares a message about how you can support GoRock.

Other ways you can support GoRock:

  • Upgrade to a Premium membership – We offer a (generous) free trial of 25 rocks. However, if you’re using GoRock.com and are enjoying it, consider clicking that “Upgrade” button. Your support helps keep our website up and running. Log in to upgrade
  • Like, comment or share our posts on Facebook – It can be as simple as commenting with an emoji or a “wow!”. This helps ensure our page is seen on Facebook and helps others discover all the fun GoRock has to offer. Like GoRock on Facebook
  • Tell your friends – If you’re enjoying GoRock, please help spread the word.
  • Paint more rocks – Did you know many GoRock members joined because they found one of your rocks. Keep on painting!
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel – We’re going to be adding more tutorials, so subscribe to be the first to see them! Subscribe
  • Pin us on Pinterest – Many of us find inspiration here. If you’ve tried a design from one of our boards, like or comment! Follow us on Pinterest
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Thank you for your support.

We’re looking forward to 2019 and thank you for your continued support of GoRock.com. We are so grateful to have members like you. Season’s greetings from the team at GoRock. Wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year.

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