Be notified when your rocks are found and see on a map where they travel

Go paint. Go hide. Go find. Go inspire. GoRock!

Go paint. Go hide. Go find. Go inspire. GoRock! is for those that love painted rocks and want to track their journey and be notified when their rock is found. Whether you are the painter or the finder, our community of member-made rocks are mapped and their journeys enjoyed. GoRock is your go-to for all phases of a rock’s journey.

GoRock allows rock painters to get unique IDs to track the journey of their rocks. Sign up to be a member, select 'Get an ID', and add the provided ID to your painted rock to track it at Where do they go? How far have they traveled? Your rock’s journey begins at!

Love to Paint Rocks?

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An ID as unique as your painted rock

Just as each rock is a unique work of art, our unique IDs will give you the power to follow your rocks on a map and see where they brighten someone else’s day.


Painted rocks = smiles

A simple painted rock can spread love, joy and inspiration. Whether painting to clear your mind, to honor someone or for the simple fun of it, keep on painting and hiding! Let GoRock be a part of your journey.


Have rock. Will travel.

As member rocks travel the globe, you can watch it all and be a part of this wonderful community. GoRock is about more than the journey, it’s about the people that are a part of that journey. 

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Been Finding Rocks?

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You found a rock!

Whether you’ve just found your first rock, or are an eagle eye and have the ability to spot a painted rock from far away, we understand the excitement of finding a GoRock rock. Enter the rock ID # at to see where’s it been.


Rocks as storytellers

Each rock holds a story - the story of the person who found it before you, the story of the person who created it. Before you run and re-hide that rock, check in and tell your story.


Where has this rock traveled?

See on a map where GoRock rocks are travelling and how this adventure connects us all.

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Getting started is easy. We're excited to have you join the adventure!